photographer not by way of skillset; but by way of curiosity.

Pleasure to meet you!

Photography requires vulnerability on both sides of the camera. On the one side, I'm finding my shot, or my voice, around a subject that matters to me. On the other side of the camera lives a soul, a landscape, a creation allowing a camera to capture an emotion fully felt or the raw moment as is— solidifying the instance forever. It's more than point and shoot.

Since 2014, I have spent extensive time ABROAD, living part-time in Kenya and traveling Asia. I have a heart for learning, exploring, and empowering. I have found that the developing world and cross-cultural experiences are my favorite teachers. I have my bachelor degree in Biology with emphasis in zoology, so capturing WILDLIFE truly lights me up. I have also photographed for lululemon for three years capturing #theSWEATlife, so you can catch me on your local run route, at SoulCycle, or taking a hip-hop yoga class. But I have to admit, HUMANS continue to rank highest in my favorite subjects to shoot. Capturing a soul drives and challenges me every time I find myself behind the camera— and I hope to never give up that desire.


Tennessee raised.

Based in Los Angeles and willing to travel.

Equipment: Canon 5d Mark III.


Here's to getting vulnerable,